Saturday, January 28, 2017


Domino's off to the skating rink again, this time with her penguin buddies in tow.

She's dressed for warmth in a rust, navy and off-white check cuffed toque and matching scarf.  Her wool mittens in the same colours keep the frost off her front feet, and she's wearing sheepskin-lined rubber boots in a stylish pattern of rust, navy and white with orange laces and soles on her back feet.  Her handbag is black faux leather with rust trim, and a penguin clasp on the front.

You see, penguins are accustomed to walking on ice, of course, but she thought she could use her ice skating skills to teach them a more elegant way of traversing the slippery surface.

Here's her penguin friends just having a ball and slipping and sliding on the ice.

 They've even been known to practise some rudimentary jumps!

However, Domino was intent on instilling some discipline in her frisky friends, and ...

... it looks like she succeeded because this time her penguin buddy's on point!  

And the moral of the story is ...

When chaos reigns, you just have to learn to put a different spin on things.

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Brian's Home Blog said...

I think you did darn good pretty Domino! We know all about chaos here!