Sunday, July 3, 2016


Domino has plenty of fashion shots in her PURRtfolio and here are a few more for your viewing pleasure.

Once again, Domino is dressed in real dresses, but I have added virtual necklaces.

Domino is loafing lazily on a sunny summer's day in her white and green multi-tiered frock with bow at the neck and spaghetti-strap ties at the shoulder.  She is complementing this with a silver and green frog necklace.

Quite ribbeting, isn't it?

 This is Domino in her pink ruffled birthday party dress.  It has a white satin bodice trimmed in pink, and three tiers of lace and tule on her skirt, all tied together with a large pretty pink bow at the waist.

She is wearing a luxurious white diamond and pink sapphire necklace for that extra little sparkle.

"Besides, it matches my sparklin' PURRsonality" says she.

Here Domino's in a casual little number for mid-summer with a two-tiered denim skirt trimmed in pink and studded with pearls, and a funky pink ruffled bodice, complete with a cross-shaped ornament.

Her silver and blue butterfly necklace coordinates well with the blue of the denim and just adds a touch of finesse.
"I gets buttaflies just finkin' about it!" remarks Domino.

Domino is gorgeous and very sophistiCATed in her couture black yellow and white abstract-patterned silk dress with sash-tie at her right shoulder.  She is holding her head high showing this one off!

She has selected a gold multi-chain necklace studded with six jet stones which is a purrfect complement to her beautiful bespoke dress.

"I be outspoken about dis dress, dat's fur shur!" says she.

This casual little outfit is just right for when the weather turns cooler.  It has a dark blue corduroy skirt with buttoned pocket, and an attached fleece jacket with hood in shades of green, pink and blue.  

Domino is wearing a pretty little silver necklace with pale pink enameled flowers.  It can go with practically anything because it's so neutral.

"Nootral is da noo black" affirms Domino.

Wow -- what a classic black and white number!  Of course it goes with Domino's colouring just purrfectly.  The sleeveless dress is white with big black polka dots and banded at the waist with a ribbon and a satin bow.  The large collar gives it quite the fashion statement, as well.

Domino is wearing strands of floating pearls in black and white, which complement the dress like no other accessory could.

"I jus' adores compliments!" says Domino.

And finally, here is Domino in another black and white dress -- this time the dress itself is black with fine little white Swiss polka dots all over.  This dress has a pink lace belt at the waist with matching bow at the back.  It, too, has quite a large collar which allows Domino to easily slip out of it when she wants to get into something more comfortable (like her own fur coat, fur instance).

Domino is wearing yet another silver necklace with a black and pink butterfly pendant.  It provides that purrsonal added touch for which Domino is so famous.

"I finks I shud be in da modullin' Hall of Fame', don't yoo?"

Apaws!  Apaws!


Jenna said...

You look gorgeous, Domino. I am jealous--even though I would never the human put clothes on me!

Brian's Home Blog said...

You look beautious and elegant Domino!

pilch92 said...

You are definitely a super model. You have a lot of pretty dresses, the second photo is our favorite.