Friday, July 8, 2016


The 3-D cats are all hanging on to their hats this month with good reason.  They love their hats, it's as simple as that!

Dylan is rocking a black and tan check fedora and a black bowtie dotted with cherries (which he has also come to 'cherrish').  His watch, in tones of black and red, also coordinates very nicely with his other fashion choices.

Dylan has been out cherry-picking and has brought some home to sample.  "I jus' hope dey're not da pits", says he.
Don't worry, Dylan, they must be really 'sweet on you' to give you such a big hello!

Domino is gorgeous, as usual, in her teal wide-brimmed hat with red floral accents.  She has chosen a silver necklace with a teal and red hummingbird pendant, and a turquoise bracelet to go along with it.  Her purse is a great match, too, with a tan background covered in teal flowers, and accented with red.  How she always finds the purrfect accessories, I'll never know!

As you can see, efurrything is humming along quite nicely, Domino included!!!

"Hmm hm hm hm!"  she hums.

Dante is 'sexy in the city' in this one!  He's made a major billboard downtown wearing his white fedora banded in dark blue, and his blue-and-black check bowtie with white accents.

And he is adfurtising for none other than Cartier watches.  Just take a gander at what he's wearing on his wrist!

Dante says "My agent tells me dat now I'm famous.  It giffs me da buttahflies jus' finkin' about it!"

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Brian said...

Dante pal, you've been famous for a while!!!