Sunday, June 12, 2016


Any of our past readers will know that Domino is a top model when it comes to posing and wearing dresses.

More recently, I have just been adding hats and jewellery digitally to Domino, but in the not-too- distant past she would don real dresses and model them at leisure.  I was always amazed at her natural affinity for it.  It was something she truly seemed to enjoy.

However, now that she is older it has become a less frequent affair --mostly, just when company comes on the odd occasion.

So for you who are newer to this blog, here are some of Domino's finest modelling moments.

This is Domino in a pretty peach number with three-tiered tule skirt.

Here she is in a red bee outfit which she wore for Hallowe'en that year. 

This pretty pink dress was her birthday outfit on September 1st a couple of years ago.
It has gorgeous ivory roses across the waistline at the back.

 This is what I call Domino at her most subLIME, trotting around in the garden on a summer's day.

 This is one of Domino's best poses.  It is completely natural.  The only doctoring was the flower that I put by her ear.  The dress is light blue with mauve flowers.  It has quite a large collar and a ruffled skirt.

And finally (for now), this is one of my all-time faves!  Domino is wearing her ballet outfit.  As you can see it has a black top with a white swan embroidered on it, and a little white tule skirt.  

I must admit that I placed Domino in this standing position on the chair, but she stayed there for a good long while letting me take different shots while she changed her head position, but remained on her toes.  What a pro!

That's all for now, but we'll revisit more of Domino's modelling career from time to time.  We hope you have enjoyed the show.

And this is an avatar I customized for Domino and then drew in the dress.

O yeah!


Brian's Home Blog said...

Domino, you sure do look stunning and are such a fashion gal!

Summer said...

These are amazing outfits! Domino is really a fashionista! I can relate because I love wearing clothes. I feel special when my human puts something on me.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

My stars girl, you look beyond FABulous !!! I daresay every model on the Paris run way is totally jealous; as they should be. I look forward to your next fashion show ~~~~~~ hugs frum dai$y =^..*= ♥♥♥