Friday, June 3, 2016


The 3-Ds are out in the front garden and dressed to the nines.  Actually, I think they each deserve a ten-out-of-ten but then I'm biased.

Domino is wearing a black summer wide-brimmed hat with a white feather-and-floral flourish.  She has selected an illusion necklace of black and white floating pearls and a bracelet that also coordinates with her tuxedo colouring (or rather lack of colouring).  Her stylish white and black striped leather bag completes the look.

She seems entranced by the pot of hanging hydrangeas.  "What pearls of wisdom do you have for us today, Domino?"

"I just has a kwestion", says she.  "Duz dey call it a 'high' drainja cuz it hangs up so high?"

Dante is trying his best to blend in with his surroundings (which is the pale pink/white weigela bush).  He is wearing an off-white flatcap with a pink floral pattern, and has paired this with a dusty pink bowtie adorned with white dragonflies.  The face on his silver metal Rolex watch is also pink.  He's certainly not insecure about his masculinity!

When asked how he was, though, Dante replied:  "Efurryfing will be all wite if yoo goes away and leafs me alone."  'Nuff said.

Dylan is wearing the same flatcap as Dante, except his is in black.  His black and pink paisley bowtie goes very well with his hat, and he, too, seems likely to blend into his background.

Dylan is into the pink weigela bush and really loves the smell of it.  He is also surrounded by the many vines that are planted in the garden.

Dylan doesn't wait to be asked, and freely offers up his comments on the day...

"Is simply 'dee vine'!" remarks he.

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Brian's Home Blog said...

The fashion parade found you guys and Sascha loves your special look Dante!