Friday, June 24, 2016


The 3-Ds are so happy that summer is official.  To celebrate (you guessed it!) they have each broken out one of their best summer hats.

There is darling Domino in her baby blues.  Her hat is a light blue and white wide-brimmed fascinator adorned with white flowers and petals.  She is wearing a bluebell necklace on a silver chain and a white and pale blue sparkly bracelet.

She is carrying one of her fafurite purses -- why it's 'Hello Kitty' (her prefurred designer)!

She may have the blues but she's sure not singing them.  Especially when there are bountiful butterflies all around.

Dylan's quite the colourful character today in his white, orange and purple plaid flatcap with bowtie and watch in coordinating tones.

The orange and purple butterflies seem attracted by his hat.  Purrhaps they think it will provide them with some CATmouflage!

But Dylan isn't the only flower in this garden so the butterflies have several options to choose from.

Dante's in his element at the garden's edge.  His blue straw fedora keeps the sun off his head and helps to keep it cool.  His bowtie of navy and light red with blue and purrple flowers seems very fitting for this locale.  He is also sporting a multi-function watch with blue moonface and black band.

Dante feels like singing himself "The Butterfly Blues".  And here it is (just imagine it to a blues beat):

"I woke up dis mornin'
An' came rite outside
Den wifout any warnin'
I mos' certainly spied

Buttahflies dat wuz blue
An' no uddah hue
So wot do I do?
I sing to dem, too!

Cuz I got da blues -- baby
Da buttahfly blues
I'm payin' my dues
Wif blues ballyhoos!

Oh yeah!"


Brian's Home Blog said...

Y'all really do look seriously purrfect for any season!

pilch92 said...

Everyone looks amazing. That is a wonderful poem too.