Friday, May 6, 2016


The 3-Ds are 'hat it' again!

There's Dante in his dark blue trilby hat with gold trim, and a bright spring-like multi-colour floral bowtie.  His fashionista sense has prompted him to wear his new dark blue and gold 'Guess' watch.

The butterflies are attracted to his tie as they are the only blooms in sight at the moment, so butterflies abound!

"Dey're bound ta like what I pick cuz I'm King of da Kustom Kouture" announces Dante.
And butterflies can fit in with any colour scheme.

And here's Dylan deeply  'engrassed' and sporting a straw pork-pie hat with striped brown band.  His bowtie is rather whimsical in green with daisies dotted here and there.

The butterflies are attracted to Dylan's bowtie as well, though some have opted for the newly opened dandelions which are now in abundance.

"Dese buttahflies is raddah flighty, don't yoo fink?  Dey goes aftah wotever's close by" opines Dylan.

Butterflies just seem to flutter by!

Domino's in haut couture once again, with her sheer wide-brimmed black and ivory hat.  Her selection of three-stranded black and ivory beads are the PURRfect complement, as is her ivory handbag with black trim and butterfly clasp.

She, too, is deep into the long grasses where butterflies flit about here, there and efurrywhere.

"Buttahflies makes good fashion accessories", says she.

"Yoo jus' nevah noes when dey're gonna show up!"

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Brian's Home Blog said...

Y'all look wonderful but Dante, Sascha is still looking at your photo. I may have to print it off and put it beside her bed!