Thursday, July 30, 2015


Domino hasn't done a modelling shoot in quite some time.  She has come out of semi-retirement, however, to pose prettily in her multi-hued and multi-tiered peach dress.  It's one of her faves.

Here she is with that sultry 'come-hither' look.  This one should drive Milo (her boyfriend) mad with desire. 

 And here is a view of this stunning dress (and its equally stunning wearer) in its entirety.

You can see the ruffled peach flowers at the back of the neck, and the four-tiers of tule skirt which accentuate her curves so very well. 

Domino, herself, chose the sterling silver peach heart necklace which is the purrfect companion to her ensemble. 

 Here her skirt is fanned freely about her tiny waist.  What fun!

 Domino smiles sweetly as the camera zooms in for a close-up.

Her poses are pawsitively poetry! 

Domino is peachy keen mainly because she's so keen to be peachy!  Her enthusiasm simply lights up her gorgeous face.

"Contrary to sum opinions", says she, "peaches is much moar dan da pits.  Dey is sweet an' joosy an' fuzzy jus' like me!"

And now it's time to go back into retirement.