Sunday, January 25, 2015


Dylan's out and about walking in a Winter Wonderland!

"I wondahs wot all dis wite stuff is trooly about!", says he. 

Being as nosy as he is, and smelling something diSTINKtly foul, he decides to check out what's going on in our neighbour's driveway.

 He can't help but notice strong traces of this odour near where their car is parked.

 Instead of turning up his nose at it, he plunges his proboscis deeper into the snow.

 And when he finally raises his head, he discovers that the source of the smell comes from the car itself!

On his way home, Dylan starts to think about what he has learned.  He had lots of fun figuring out the mystery smell but also realized it has a down side.

"What exactly DID you learn, Dylan?", I ask.

"Wintah kin be a real gas!!!" declares he.

"It made me wanna take up skiin'!  If I wonts ta get down in a good way, I kin haff fun on da slopes an' get lotsa fresh air at da same time."

Noone (especially not Dylan) can be aghast at that!