Friday, January 16, 2015


The weather has been purrticularly bitter lately, and the 3-Ds have been loathe to go outside.  However, even a few minutes of fresh air is better than none.

Here they are dressed in their best winter wear.

 Dylan is all about blending into the stark winter landscape in his grays, whites and blacks.  His warm wool plaid newsboy cap handily covers his ears (even though, they're ears and not hands) and his coordinating sweater coat keeps the blustery blasts of snow at bay.

 Domino is wearing a white faux fur trapPURR hat along with her tweed pink and gray wool coat with faux fur hood.  She prefers to wear the hat because the peak turns up so she can see where she's going, whereas the hood always falls down over her pretty eyes.

She's also added a white snowflake brooch to the front of her coat (as if there weren't already enough snowflakes about!).

Dante is wearing a weather-resistant wool flat cap with ear flaps that can be worn up or down.  These flaps conveniently cover the base of his ears and coordinate well with his new gray and red winter wool sweater.

He's nothing if not fashion conscious whatever the season may be.  But then he looks good in absolutely anything!

So take a hint from the 3-Ds and bundle up well before YOU go outside, willya?

This is what it looks like outside our house!