Monday, November 17, 2014


We looked out the window this morning and this is what we saw,

So we all got dressed up in our winter wear, and went outside to get the full experience.

Domino is wearing a pretty green wool knit cap and matching scarf.  After sitting in the snow for less than 10 minutes she is ready to come back inside.

Dylan was totally stumped.  The snowflakes were falling on his head, so he finally put on his red plaid hat, red scarf and mittens.  He needs mitts-on-a-string because he's always losing them.  He's ready to go back outside and actually play in the snow this time.

Dante's well prepared for a foray into the white stuff.  He's wearing his sparkly burgundy toque with faux fur pom-pom and a black and tan scarf.  He's been yearning to make a snowcat ever since the weather turned cold, and now he has the chance.  It's quite the large snowcat, too, because it makes even Dante look like its mini-me.