Friday, March 21, 2014


This series of pictures sums up Dante and Domino's relationship PURRFectly.  Secretly they like each other, but in public they always keep a PAWlite distance.

It's Spring on the calendar and Dante is enjoying the dry pavement on the driveway. 

 Domino spots Dante (which is not hard to do considering he is bright orange) and ...

 ... MEOWanders (a kitty version of 'meanders') over to join him.

 Dante is suddenly aware of her PURResence.  His ears are like radar when it comes to such things.

 Domino turns her head to look at Dante looking at something else ...

... and then turns back in silence.

Unlike Domino's relationship with Dylan (the bounder!), this one with Dante is a peaceful co-existence.  It is clear that they respect each others' boundaries and they are just cats being cats -- as it should be.