Sunday, September 8, 2013


This year there has been a bumPURR crop of crabapples in our back yard (as well as apples elsewhere, so we hear).

The trees have grown exponentially and are laden heavily with fruit  Many of the branches on our crabapple are bent over with the strain.

Dylan was looking out over our patio which is next to the crabapple tree, and he just couldn't believe his eyes, when suddenly ...

... 'bonk!' -- a crabapple landed directly on top of his head!  
"Who cudda done this?", he wondered out loud.

Domino said "I has herd of a wild buncha horses called 'Appull Loosas'.  Dey musta hadda 'hoof' in dis!"


"Domino's rite!" exclaims Dante.  "I finks itsa conspiracy by dose Apull Loosas ta loose all of dese appulls on us.  Dere funderin' hoofs shake all de appulls offa da tree!"

"Psst ... psst ... psst ... "

"O noes!" shouts Dylan.  "Heads up, guys!"

But the warning came too late.  Domino is pelted with crabapples from above!

"Incoming!" yells Dante, as he is literally bombed with rock hard red missiles.  He can hear the sound of receding hoof-falls off in the distance.

 "C'mon", says Domino.  "Follows me!"

She takes shelter under the bench, just in time, as another barrage of apples rains down.

 Dylan hustles his butt to safety, as well, as he hears the deadly whine of falling fruit!

Dante finds his own refuge, too, just as it suddenly falls silent.
"Ah!  Dat's bettah", he says.  "Wot a releaf!"

"It's so nice to gets back ta normal", says Domino.  "I'll nevah take a crabappull fur grantid again!"

"Uh-oh!" cautions Dylan.  

There's one Appaloosa who let loose again!

"I kin see ware dis is headed" says Dante with total resignation.  "I doan noes wots worse -- da smella rotten appulls or an Appaloosa's fawt!"

What Dante doesn't know is that they are really the same thing.  So next time you see an apple falling from a tree, look around and see just who may be horsing around!