Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I just wanted to apologize for not visiting very much lately.  Things are getting very busy, as they are for many of you, I'm sure.  However, some of these pictures are too precious not to share.  So here, they are without expectation of comment, as I have turned comments off.

These are pictures from the night we decorated our Christmas tree a few days ago.  All of them were taken just with the light from the tree, and that's why they have such a soft glow.

Here's Dylan sitting in the pile of tissue paper that I use to wrap the breakable ornaments.  Right after this I took a picture using the flash and ...

... he was so annoyed by it, he whapped the camera! 

 And here is sweet little Domino softly lit by the tree.

This year she is the one to stand guard, completely mesmerized by all the lights. 

Wouldn't this be a PURRfect shot for a Christmas card?

Once the tree was all lit, Dylan was back to get a better look. 

And he looked ...

... then looked away for a moment ... 

... then looked again!  He too was bedazzled by all the sparkling lights.

Only once the decoration was complete, did Dante find a comfy spot under the tree. 

He thought it was a good place to reflect!

So, reflect he did!  He says "Merry Christmas, Friends!"

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