Saturday, October 29, 2016


Domino's all hatted up and ready for a trip to the city.

She's off to a fashion show wearing this tan wide-brimmed hat adorned with fluffy white feathers and a sash with red flower.

Her red metal necklace is rather funky and tribal in nature (much like herself).
Domino's purse is a cold-weather classic in red tufted wool with tassels, and tan metal-studded leather handles.

Although the three pieces of her ensemble are rather eclectic, there is still a sense of symmetry and style.  That's Domino for you!

"I kin even be stylish wif nuffin' but leafs!" says Domino.

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Brian said...

WOW! That is most beautiful sweet Domino! It sure is hard to believe October is about over.