Sunday, August 21, 2016


Over the years Dylan has shown his appreciation for the garden.

 Here he is sitting among the flowers on a garden bench totally at one with nature.

Here he presents a handsome foreground to the greenery all around him.
"I am nuffin if not a gardin ornimint", says he.

 Dylan is also very attracted to the wiegelas.

He's very nosy when it comes to inhaling their scent.

 His moods are quite changeable when he's in the garden.  He can be alternately (or even simultaneously) inquisitive, awe-inspired and at times downright PETulant.

This is a good example of his awe, and how do I know that?  From Dylan himself.
"Awe-shucks!" says he.

However, Dylan's favourite garden passtime (or should I say 'pusstime'?) is drinking from the birdbath.  There's nothing quite like a little 'bird soup' to quench that thirst!

And then there's always a butterfly or two for afters.
What's NOT to love?


Brian's Home Blog said...

Dang Dylan, you are sure a tall boy to reach up and drink out of the bird bath!

pilch92 said...

Dylan is handsome. I love your Jim Shore bird bath too.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

dood...deer cod...thiz post waz goin sew well, ewe lookin handsum, yur mom cap surin grate shots.....then sudden lee.....ya used de B werd...seer izz lee buddy...can we send ya a cat fountin... ore sum brew... ore 98,200 gallonz oh fresh water N ore milk.....any thing but de BURD BATHE !!!!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥