Friday, November 27, 2015


The 3-Ds are out on a rare sunny day in late November, but are still steeled against the chill with wool hats on their heads -- not to mention their fashion sense (which warms their hearts)!

This week, Dante has chosen a stylish dark purple wool flatcap, and has coordinated it with a purple paisley bowtie, not to mention the purple finch that seems to be attracted to his colour choice!

"Yoor nuttin' but a PURRple pussy!" mocks the finch.

 Dylan has been pheasantly surprised by his feathered friend who seems to approve of his navy pork pie hat and navy-with-orange paisley bowtie!

"C'mon, strut yoor stuff -- like me!"  shouts the pheasant.

Domino is wearing a beaded flappurr-style necklace and a faux leopard-print beret with black bow adornment, and is carrying a leopard-print and black leather bag (also faux).   "Is not faux nuttin' dat I has a hawk as a furiend"  says she.

"Togeddah we keeps our eyes on fings, an' dat's why dey calls us
da NeighPURRhood Watch!"

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