Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Domino was busy doing her neighbourhood rounds when these pictures were captured.  My friend and neighbour, Susan, was visiting at the time and trotted across the street after her to get some closer shots.

This little roadside garden belongs to our mutual neighbours.  They are veteran gardeners and have extensive beds both front and back.  Even this small corner of their front yard is all SPRUCED up as you can see.  Later on, there will be flowers blooming in this spot, but for now Domino is lending her transitory beauty to the scene.

Domino treats our neighbours' proPURRties as if they were her own (because indeed she believes they are).

Always one to mug for the camera, Domino stares directly into the lens as she relaxes into position.

Ah!  This mound of dirt is very comfy ...

... and quite FURRagrant, too!

Domino is nothing if not down to earth!

She's going to have a little nap and dream of POSIES!

NOTE:  I have turned off the "Comments" because I just want everyone to enjoy seeing the blog.  It will be this way for the foreseeable future.

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