Saturday, June 2, 2012


You may be aware because it has been announced hither and yon, that today is Truffle's First Birthday.  Her Mom, Paula, has arranged her debutante ball for her coming of age.  This is the invitation that the 3-Ds received in the mail:

Well, you can bet they have RSVP'd, and early, too!  They are most excited to help Truffle celebrate this once in a lifetime occasion.

Domino has dressed up in her finest ball gown of white and pink satin and lace.  She has raided the vault for these stunning family jewels -- a diamond and pink sapphire tiara, and matching choker.  Her escort, the handsome Milo, gave her the bright pink wrist corsage which adorns her petite paw.

Domino is packing a pretty pink gift, and her best birthday wishes for Truffle -- as well as her beau for herself, of course!

And here is Domino's boyfriend, Milo Marshall of "The Cat's Meow".  His Mom took a picture of him just before he left to pick up Domino for the party.

Milo is wearing his own tuxedo and tail.  It really 'suits' him, don't you think?   He has embellished his natural attributes with a bejeweled top hat, black tie, and French cuffs with blue topaz cufflinks.  The gems were chosen because they match his gorgeous eyes.  As a final touch, Domino gave him a blue boutonniere.  He likes it but find it kind of itchy.

Milo, too, is bringing sweet Truffle a present and balloons, and all the good wishes his heart can hold.

I think these two are going to make quite the splash at the Debutante Ball of the year!

Dylan is decked out in formal evening wear complete with black top hat with sequined band, and a long black velvet cape lined in deep red.  It has a sparkling ruby clasp.  That cape should make a real flourish as he and his girlfriend, Halle, make their grand entrance at the Ball.

Dylan, too, has chosen something special for Truffle.  He wishes her the very happiest of days!

Dylan has to leave now to pick up Halle to escort her to the party.  He has boogie to all the way to Louisiana before turning around and heading back to South Carolina where the party is currently gearing up.

And here is the lovely Halle of "Jacqueline's Cat House".  She has dressed to complement her beau in a royal blue velvet cape, with multi-jewelled broach, matching earrings, and a ruby, emerald and sapphire crown.  Dylan gave her a traditional corsage which adorns her cape.  You can just get a peek of that new sequined evening gown which Halle is so anxious to reveal.  Never has she sparkled brighter!

Halle is also armed with gift, balloons and a couple of little bluebirds.  I'm sure they will charm Truffle with their sweet song (the bluebirds, that is) -- and maybe double as a couple of appetizers, too.  What a treat!

Are you ready, Halle?  Dylan's almost there.

And last but definitely not least, is Lacocoon Dante.  Unlike Milo, he had to rent a tuxedo.  His long red bountious furs, while beautiful, are rather shaggy and not as formal as this occasion requires.

Dante doesn't have a date, but has heard that there are many fair ladycats at the Ball, just waiting for him to ask them to dance.  Of course, he's saving his first dance for Truffle.  He, too, has selected a special surprise for the young ladycat of honour.  Good things come in small packages, you know!  The same could be said for the petite birthday girl, herself.

Dante has a long, top coat and tails (in addition to his natural red floofy one), and is sporting the requisite black top hat, bowtie and high-collared white shirt.  He has even taken care to buff his shoes to a very high PAWlish.  Not only are they good for dancing, but no one can really do any damage if they step on his toes (they are toes of steel to match his steely gaze).

"Toes, schmoes", says he.  "I'm reddy to kick up my heels!"

Sorry, we gotta go but we'll see you there in a flash!  For Truffle's birthday party, simply click here:  "Truffle's Debutante Ball", and you will be immediately transported.  Bon soir, tout le monde!

And to Truffle, we all wish you a truly:


Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Domino you look beautiful (holds out arm for Domino to hold and escorts her to gold coach).

Milo xx

Marg said...

Oh you three D's sure look terrific. We know that Mahoney would love a dance with Dante if he has time. So we will all see you there. Take care.

Brian said...

You all look sooooooooo amazing! To the Ball, to the Ball, to the Ball we go!

Hannah and Lucy said...

What a handsome household - we are sure that you will all be watched so we can all see the clothes you are wearing. We know there will be a rush for them in all the best stores.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Sweet Purrfections said...

We are so glad you could make it down South for Truffle's ball. Thank you for helping to make her first birthday so special.

Truffle and Brulee

Gemini and Ichiro said...

How grand you all look!

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Have fun at the ball!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

You all look wonderful.

Oui Oui said...

Everyone looked wonderful in the ball outfits. Domino was so pretty, we hope she had a good time.

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