Wednesday, July 1, 2009


To see our Wednesday Post titled: "Wordless Wednesday: Dante Meets Woofie", please go to Dante's blog, by clicking his picture to the immediate left of this post.

There are also some new LOLs posted for Wednesday on the LOLSpot, titled "A Mishmash of Lollygaggery!". Just click on the LOL Icon, second from the top on the left to get there.


Milo said...

Hi sweet Domino,

The speshull post for you will be on my bloggie on Friday 3rd July. You can use any of the pictures on your own bloggie afterwards!

Smooches from Milo-kins xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

DEBRA said...

Hiya Domino!
Wow you sure are a booteefull tuxie! I wuz juss lookin at yur post frum toosday and I saw yur purrty tail. I don't have a tail, juss a whittle bit of puff, yoo see I wuz born wif no tail 10 years ago...Momma can't believes dat I is 10 dis year but I am. It is furry nice to meetcha! Come back by and bisit wif me anytimes.