Saturday, February 28, 2015


The 3-Ds are becoming very tired of winter.

Dante doesn't like to bundle up and wishes he could just bask in the sun 'au naturel'.  Today he is wearing a gray, tan and red plaid CATsby cap with a coordinating scarf to keep his chinny, chin, chin warm.

"I'm tryin' ta keep my chin up undah da circumstances", says he.  "Good fing I has my scarf ta keep it dere!"

 Domino, who is always on top of things, can't quite understand why the weather won't do what she wants.  She has control over every other aspect of her domain, after all.

She is wearing a faux fur white hat with a white silk scarf adorned with a silver bird.

"I'm reddy ta turn my back on wintah!", she declares, doing just that!

I'm afraid that winter has driven Dylan simply nuts!!!  He is protesting as loudly as he can so that the weather gods will hear him.

Meanwhile he is wearing a knitted green kitty hat with ears and a matching scarf.

"Snow, snow go away, come again anuddah day -- or anuddah century fur dat mattah!"

"Maybe dose uddah cats want winter to go away, but I'm NOT looking forward to being a puddle!"

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Dylan has always been something of an acroCAT -- in this case, with his own brand of purrversion.    

 Today he is outside doing an amazing balancing act on the bench on the patio, which is situated right in front of our living room window.

 He is very adept at standing on tippy-toe whilst climbing.

 Here he pawses for greatest effect ...

... before finally scaling the back of the bench and aiming his peePURRS with laser intensity directly through the window.  What a peep show!

But the most extraordinary thing is -- that even whilst peeping, Dylan hasn't made a peep!  He is a very good mime who has purrformed in complete silence while simultaneously violating someone's privacy.  It's a skill that efurry good peePURR must master.  Well done, Dylan!


Thursday, February 19, 2015


Domino is sitting outside on the front porch with Daddy on this cold February day.

One thing you may not know about Domino is that when you cuddle her, she automatically starts to drool.

 What she didn't figure on, however, is that in this frosty frigid weather, the drool soon turns into icicles!

So, rather than be a drip she turns to another tactic.
Domino uses her figure-skating skills to tame that ice and claim it as her own.

"Is much bettah bein' a tuxy on ice dan wearin' ice on my tuxy!", declares she.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015


The 3-Ds are outside on a bitterly cold February day.  Of course they need their hats and mitts to keep them warm.

Domino is attempting to 'log on' out back, but doesn't remotely have an idea how to do it!  She is cozy in her leopard hat with ears to cover her own, and her matching mittens to protect her little front paws.

Dylan's getting adventurous in his charcoal plaid cadet cap with turned-up ear flaps, and coordinating wool scarf and mitts.  Now all he needs is some boots to keep those tippy toes from freezing!

Dante, too, is dressed appropriately for the weather.  He's wearing a fashionable tweed flat cap, gray scarf and woolly mitts.  He hasn't ventured far from the front door, and keeps casting an eye on it to make sure a quick escape from the cold is still pawsible.

Fortunately, the home fires are still burning.

C'mon back inside, y'all!

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Each of the 3-Ds has a signifiCAT other.  And so, today -- Valentine's Day -- is a very imPAWtant occasion for them.

Dante, Dylan and Domino have all made special Valentine's cards for their loved ones.

Dante's fiance Sascha was thrilled to receive this colourful and HEARTfelt missive.   Looks like there's lots of kisses in Dante's future!

Dylan and his fiance Halle are hot under the collar (and over the collar) in pink!  Their love virtually sizzles.

Domino and her longtime beau, Milo, are much cooler cats.  Their sophistiCATion and devotion to each other is the hallmark of their love story!

We wish all of you, too, a very Happy Valentine's Day just chock-filled with love!