Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Dante and Dylan sometimes are like ...

 ... two ships that pass in the night (even when it's daytime).

Butt every now and then one of them decides to pull into port and dock for an extended stay.

"Is time to take a 'bow'!" says Captain Dante.

Sunday, May 1, 2016


The 3-Ds are ecstatic that it's May today!

 Dante is wearing a sage green straw porkpie hat with brown band and a coordinating plaid bowtie.  Such a dapPURR dude!  He's also sporting a Radillion watch with green face and brown leather band.  He's a fanatic for matching all of his accoutrements.

Dante's holding one of the first daisies of the season.  He's singing "Daisy, Daisy, Give me your answer, do.  I'm half crazy, Over the likes of you!"  He must be thinking of his fiance Sascha.

"Yes", says Dante.  "I still gets buttahflies in my stomack wen I finks about her".

Dylan has selected an ivory straw Panama hat with tri-colour band.  His bowtie matches the teal stripe as well as providing a pop of interest.

Dylan's dragonfly friend is attracted to the blue hydrangeas, as is Dylan, himself.  They aren't in season here yet, but if you like them enough you can still get them from the florist.

Looks like the Dragonfly, at least, has gone into a tailspin over this!

Domino is wearing a straw-coloured hat with black band and veil.  She has nicely matched her straw handbag to the hat and has gussied up her tail by putting a bow on it.  Completing her outfit are a neutral-toned sage 'n beige necklace and watch.

Domino's out walking the fields where the new grass is sprouting, and the dandelions have just taken root.  You never know what else might be lurking there, too.  Like a grasshopper, purrhaps!

"Ah, yes, GrasshopPURR.  I see you!"

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Whiffing is more than just sniffing.  It means you must inhale very deeply.

 It takes a lot of concentration.

And then you have to face it HEAD ON!

Whiffing is quite wonderful, actually.

The things you can smell are simply marvelous!

Friday, April 22, 2016


The 3-Ds are outside in very fine early spring weather.

Domino is sitting in her basket chair on the front porch enjoying the fresh air.  She is wearing a pale mauve fascinator with abstract wings on her head, and a hummingbird necklace in the same tones around her neck.  Her bracelet is fashioned in white crystals with lavender gems, and her handbag -- which is a "Hello Kitty" design pulls the whole outfit together.

The "D" for Domino (of course) is also decorated with a hummingbird -- her favourite kind of bird.

"Dere's nuttin humdrum about hummin' birds" announces Domino.  "Dat's fur sure!"

Dylan is in the front garden which is just beginning to sprout.  He is wearing a blue-gray fedora and coordinating plaid bowtie in various blue and gray shades thereof.  His fancy watch, made by Ulysse Nardin, is gold with a navy face.

The bluebird has done a fly-by to show his approval for Dylan's colour choices.
In fact, he's so excited that he's 'all in a flap' about it!

Dante is in the back garden atop a newly distributed mound of mulch.  "Fank yoo very mulch fur a soft place ta rest", says he, as he hums a tune along with the bird who has been attracted by his shiny hat.

He is decked out in a stunning copper-coloured fedora and similarly-toned bowtie.  Even his watch, which has a wooden face (unlike Dante's own) is consistent with the coppery theme.  Of course, Dante's orange fur coat is the ideal underpinning for these various accessories.

"Yup, dat hat is a real humdinger!" says the hummingbird all a-twitter.

Monday, April 18, 2016


This is an oldie but a goodie.

In this picture Dante is about six months old, and Domino is a year older than that.

At the time they were both about the same size.  Domino hasn't grown at all and is a petite 6.5 lbs. while Dante has topped out at a whopping 24 lbs.

Their relative sizes really don't matter, though.  Domino was the boss lady then, and she's the boss now.

And that's because Lady cats rule!