Friday, June 24, 2016


The 3-Ds are so happy that summer is official.  To celebrate (you guessed it!) they have each broken out one of their best summer hats.

There is darling Domino in her baby blues.  Her hat is a light blue and white wide-brimmed fascinator adorned with white flowers and petals.  She is wearing a bluebell necklace on a silver chain and a white and pale blue sparkly bracelet.

She is carrying one of her fafurite purses -- why it's 'Hello Kitty' (her prefurred designer)!

She may have the blues but she's sure not singing them.  Especially when there are bountiful butterflies all around.

Dylan's quite the colourful character today in his white, orange and purple plaid flatcap with bowtie and watch in coordinating tones.

The orange and purple butterflies seem attracted by his hat.  Purrhaps they think it will provide them with some CATmouflage!

But Dylan isn't the only flower in this garden so the butterflies have several options to choose from.

Dante's in his element at the garden's edge.  His blue straw fedora keeps the sun off his head and helps to keep it cool.  His bowtie of navy and light red with blue and purrple flowers seems very fitting for this locale.  He is also sporting a multi-function watch with blue moonface and black band.

Dante feels like singing himself "The Butterfly Blues".  And here it is (just imagine it to a blues beat):

"I woke up dis mornin'
An' came rite outside
Den wifout any warnin'
I mos' certainly spied

Buttahflies dat wuz blue
An' no uddah hue
So wot do I do?
I sing to dem, too!

Cuz I got da blues -- baby
Da buttahfly blues
I'm payin' my dues
Wif blues ballyhoos!

Oh yeah!"

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Although Dante counts the garden as his purrsonal domain, it doesn't stop Dylan from exploring it whenever he has the chance.

 Here is Dylan out standing in the garden at its peak.

 He is astounded by all of the beauty that surrounds him.

Not least of which is the butterfly that just fluttered by.  Gasp!  

"Oh, bestill my heart!" says he.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Domino is back in time again to give you another peek at some of the best moments in her long modelling career.

Here is Domino in another birthday dress which has mauve tule tiers and a black velvet ribbon at the waist.  It is vintage flaPURR style, which suits her purrfectly as she flaps about while dancing the Charleston.

This is Domino in what I call her "fashionista" dress.  It has a bright pink bodice adorned with a fashion heart and funky chain.  The skirt is three tiers of zebra stripes in black and white with a touch of pink.

This is one of Domino's more dramatic poses.  You must agree that she's got posing down pat!

Domino's wearing a classy little black and white number, here, with solid black bodice and white with black polka-dotted pleated skirt.  The back of the dress is adorned with ruffles and bows.  Just the thing for an afternoon tea party!

Domino is certainly fashion-forward in this brightly flowered frock.  This was her Easter dress a few years ago.  The black background has a multi-coloured floral foreground in bright pink, white, pale blue and green.

She's feline tip-top on her tippy-toes, fur sure!

 And for the final round of this fashion show, Domino is fairy, fairy beautiful in this whimsical dress of purple and pink -- with wings!

Being a real pro, it's not often she wings it ...

... but in this case, she made an exception.

There she goes, tooting her own horn again -- and deservedly so, don't you think?

Friday, June 17, 2016


The 3-Ds have each picked a June flower to feature alongside their hats today.

Dante's in a brown straw fedora with teal banding and a white with multi-coloured floral bowtie.  And he is wearing his gold and blue Ulysse Nardin watch so he can time the photoshoot.

Dante has picked a begonia to highlight today, which he is holding between his two paws.  He is also posing with a hot pink begonia planted in a garden pot shaped like a cat's face.

Now that time's up, he says to me "Be Gone Yoo!"

Dylan's looking fresh as a daisy in his white-and-blue striped Gatsby cap and blue, white, yellow and red plaid bowtie.  His Tudor watch in blue, white and yellow also coordinates quite nicely.

He is holding his flower of choice -- a daisy, of course.  "Cuz dese days I is all in a daze", says he.

"Efurry morning I sings: "Daisy, Daisy, give me yoor answer dew!"

Domino is devastatingly divine in her hot pink flowered fascinator with pearl and white sapphire adornment.  She is wearing a coordinating hot pink heart necklace with pearl on a silver chain.  Around her wrist is a bracelet of pink and green gems, and her purse of pink with brass details is a purrfect pairing.

Purrhaps you can tell from Domino's surroundings that she has a prefurence for roses and she's even holding one between her 'toeses'!

"An' dere's nuttin bettah dan a rose wif a liddle glittah!" remarks she (as spokespurrson for the Glitterati).

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Dante's watching Dylan while he tresPUSSes on the neighbour's property.

Dante respects the property line but ...

 ... Dylan does not.

And as Dylan is rather a large cat, this makes him (you guessed it!)  -- a PURRowler at Large.

"I wondah if I shud make a KITTYzen's arrest" says Dante.