Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Domino is accustomed to getting her way.

Here she is having a nice rest on the front porch chair.

 And here's Dante having a snooze under the front porch chair.

 What you may not know about Domino is that she is Queen.

 And in her world, Queens trumps Kings.

"I don't consort wif an undahling -- or in his case, an underTHING!" states her Highness in her haughtiest of tones.

And Dante, who's in a world of his own, is just catching some ZZZZZZZ's.
That's a mancat for you -- he takes the E-Zee way out!

Saturday, July 16, 2016


The 3-Ds have changed hats again and donned new ones.  It always give them a fresh PURRspective.

Dante's looking quite psychedelic in his bright orange straw fedora with brown band.  He has added a sunflower for that extra little bit of flair, and paired it all with a red, orange, yellow and blue floral bowtie (true flower child that he is).  He has also chosen his Tissot watch with the red band to bring it all together.

Why he reminds me of that daredevil spy Austin Powers when he's in 1960's mode!  All the buzz has it that he even sounds like him, too.  What do you SPECulate?

  "Oh beehive! says he in his best English accent.

It's 'owl' about Dylan, or at least so he thinks.  He's sporting a white and gold flecked porkpie hat and an ivory bowtie with multi-coloured peace signs.

Dylan's wearing a Panerai watch with gold bezel and ivory strap on one wrist, and holding a yellow lily in the other paw.  And his opinion of his bird friend?

"Dere's nuttin' so fowl as an owl" declares he despite the friendly greeting.

Domino doesn't like folks thinking she's green because she has so much experience.  She does, however, like wearing it -- green, that is.  Today she has selected a woven wide-brimmed medium green hat with a silver chain and enamel green palm tree pendant.  Her bracelet is comprised of small green stones, and her purse is a ruffled green leather, complete with daisy accent.

Domino has always been close to the frog community (ever since she had one in her throat).  And today is no different.  Also her froggie friends are in attendance to show their support for "being green" no matter how difficult a trek it was to get there.

"Is not easy bein' green" says the frog.
"Is always greener on the other side" replies Domino in typical Greenspeak.

Monday, July 11, 2016


I was unzipping this file with pictures of  Dylan and Dante and ...

... this is what happened!!!

It looks like more than just the file unzipped.  Maybe they thought I was trying to sePURRate them, or maybe it was the sound of the zipPURR that irritated them to this extent.  I guess I'll never know because they're still too traumatized and neither of them will speak to me.  It's the last time I try something like that, I guess.

So I zipped that sucker right back up and now ...

... they're all zipped in and feline secure!

Sunday, July 10, 2016


Here's a beautiful portrait of Dylan in the front garden.

As usual, he is quite distracted -- this time by butterflies.

"Huh!  I nevah noo dat before ... 

"Buttah ackshully flies???"

Friday, July 8, 2016


The 3-D cats are all hanging on to their hats this month with good reason.  They love their hats, it's as simple as that!

Dylan is rocking a black and tan check fedora and a black bowtie dotted with cherries (which he has also come to 'cherrish').  His watch, in tones of black and red, also coordinates very nicely with his other fashion choices.

Dylan has been out cherry-picking and has brought some home to sample.  "I jus' hope dey're not da pits", says he.
Don't worry, Dylan, they must be really 'sweet on you' to give you such a big hello!

Domino is gorgeous, as usual, in her teal wide-brimmed hat with red floral accents.  She has chosen a silver necklace with a teal and red hummingbird pendant, and a turquoise bracelet to go along with it.  Her purse is a great match, too, with a tan background covered in teal flowers, and accented with red.  How she always finds the purrfect accessories, I'll never know!

As you can see, efurrything is humming along quite nicely, Domino included!!!

"Hmm hm hm hm!"  she hums.

Dante is 'sexy in the city' in this one!  He's made a major billboard downtown wearing his white fedora banded in dark blue, and his blue-and-black check bowtie with white accents.

And he is adfurtising for none other than Cartier watches.  Just take a gander at what he's wearing on his wrist!

Dante says "My agent tells me dat now I'm famous.  It giffs me da buttahflies jus' finkin' about it!"