Sunday, April 20, 2014


Easter is a time when families get together, and it's no different with the 3-Ds, as each of them has a significant other.

 Dylan is in Louisiana with his fiance Halle and her family.  They are celebrating in their Easter finest.  Halle is so lovely in her peach-coloured hat and bow, and Dylan is dapPURR and understated in his off-white Panama hat and multi-coloured bowtie.  What a handsome couple they make!

Domino and Milo are in the Cotswolds in England, where Milo's family recently moved.  They are quite classic; Milo in his white fedora with bowtie-in-check, and Domino in a feminine boater hat with a twist!
These two are truly tuxedo cat royalty.

And to see where in the world Dante and Sascha might be, just click on their names!

Friday, April 18, 2014


The 3-Ds just love getting hatted up for Easter.  These are all new just for this year.

You may want to 'biggify' the pictures to see all of the details up-close in each one.

 Dante starts off the PURRade in his tan woven hat with orange and burgundy band.  His bunny BFF is wearing a coordinating hat reminiscent of the 1920s.  As you can see, everything is just 'ducky' with them and their tiny yellow friend who has managed to 'worm' his way into their hearts.

 Dylan is excited about all the Easter eggs that he's found in the backyard.  Since he's not an egg fan, himself, he's going to set up an egg stand and make a killing from all those late shopPURRs who need a last-minute gift.  Good thing Dylan's bunny BFF is also his accountant!

Domino is fascinating in her green and fuschia fascinator which she selected so she can blend right into the garden.  She likes to be at one with her surroundings and gets so thrilled by the beauty of it all, that her own rabbit heartbeat thumps in time with her best Bunny Buddies.  Well at least they're readily available if she ever needs a 'jump' start!

 Dante's looking fine in his straw trilby hat and purple, teal and lime green bowtie.  He heard through the grapevine that the hummingbirds were making special deliveries this Easter.  All Dante can say is "Bombs Away Boys!".  He hopes there's plenty of milk inside those milk chocolate eggs.

 Easter is all it's quacked up to be, as far as Dylan is concerned.  He's feline mighty mellow in his yellow newsboy cap with sequins, and his bright yellow polka-dot and gingham bowtie.  He and his yellow ducky harken back to the 1960s when Peace and Love were number one on every flower child's agenda.  'Let the Sunshine' indeed!

Domino's simply gorgeous in her wide brimmed see-through ivory hat with flowery adornment.  She PURRoduces her very own Easter eggs with a wave of her Easter Bunny wand.  "Beats huntin' fur da darn fings", says she.  "Yoo cud wandah around all day and not find any at all!"  Domino prefers the sure thing. The wand even comes with the Easter Bunny's PURRSonal guarantee.  You never have to wonder -- or wander, again!

 Dante's a real chick magnet in his wide-brimmed straw hat with cornflower-blue band.  He's wearing a coordinating bowtie dotted with tiny white flowers.  Dante's egging on all of those chicks by placing some strategically all over the front yard.  He wants to fatten them up for next Easter.  "I likes dem plump an' joosy!", says he.

Dylan is very avant garde in his mauve fedora with fuschia band and floral feature.  And he's really working the purple bowtie covered in Easter-coloured butterflies.  "At leest dey're not in my stomack", he says "da buttahflies, dat is.  Dey're awfully hawd ta digest yoo know."  That's one thing that won't be on the Easter menu -- thank heaven!

And at the very end of the PURRade is lovely Domino again in a fresh floral number with coordinating wide-brimmed hat accessorized by a large teal flower.  Usually her natural tuxedo coat doesn't require enhancement, but Easter is a very special occasion.  She has even enlisted a tuxedo rabbit to aid in the celebration.

This little bunny is wearing a pure-white cap with bow and bunny ears of its own (as if she needed another pair!). "I got no fears wif dubble da ears", says the little one.

So we hope you enjoyed the Easter PURRade of Hats.  The 3-Ds and friends sure had fun picking out their new Easter finery and PURRading it around town for everyone to see.  And now hat's off to a Happy Easter for all!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


All of the snow has disappeared from the back yard -- quite suddenly, almost magically!

Domino appreciates this new environment, even if there is still a major spring clean-up to do.  She has taken up surveillance duty on the back deck, mostly from underneath the deck benches where she can get a good view while still remaining undercover, as it were.

As you can clearly see, Domino has being 'nosey' down to a fine art!

Monday, April 7, 2014


Dylan can be found most days, when the weather is fine, underneath the porch chair.

 It's a good place to hide while getting a good look at what's going on out there.

Today, though, something (or someone) else is calling him.
"Dylan ... Dylan ... " 

 "Who's dere?" asks he.

"It is I, yoor altah ego, 'Dylan da Brave'.  C'mon up an' see."

 So 'Dylan the PETrified" jumped up and into his alter ego's place.

Once seated, Dylan's fears took hold.  He had to make sure the front door was still open for a quick escape. 

 And he checked street-side in case someone, or something, was trying to creep up on him.

He looked low ... 

... and he looked high!

"Oh, dat's ware yoo went!", says "Dylan the PETrified" to "Dylan the Brave".  Thanks fur da heads up cuz it's nice comin' out from down undah.  I loves dis seat and yoo gave me da courage to come out on top fur a change."

I wonder what "Dylan the Brave" will teach his cowardly friend next. 

 Is it PAWSible that "Dylan the PETrified" has the heart of a lion after all?

Friday, April 4, 2014


Domino loves to do hostess duty at our dinner parties.  This weekend was a big one because it was a Triple Birthday Bash for my friends Renate and Val, and my brother, Barry.

 Domino is getting ready to greet the guests wearing her newest party frock.  It's a very pretty purple and white number.  Quite fetching, methinks!  
Domino says "Yoo'll be doin' all da fetchin' Mama, cuz I'm jus' here ta look pritteh!"

 Domino has turned towards the front entrance.  She's actually at the ready to meet and greet now.
Here you can see the pretty purple rose at the waist of her dress.

 First to arrive is Birthday Girl Renate sporting a big smile and bearing gifts.

 Then along comes Birthday Girl Val who is just beaming with delight.  She seems to have her hands full as well.

 Renate gives Domino a little cuddle, but ...

 ... Domino is even more fascinated by Birthday Boy Barry!  She especially likes his socks.  They were good for a whiff or two -- and a nuzzle.

 "Hey mistah", says Domino.  "Pick me up willya?"

 This is where Domino can really get to work loving up the company.  She even did a little lap dance ...

... before settling down to business!

 There were birthday gifts galore and some healthy appetizers -- veggies with my homemade dip and some whole wheat cracker chips.  Domino thinks she should be the only apPETizer, but I think the guests appreciated something to actually munch on.

 Here Val and Renate catch up with each other before opening their gifts.  My friend Susan was also in attendance, but as she was sitting beside me, I inadvertently neglected to take her picture ...

 ... until we were seated at the dinner table.  There's Susan smiling back at me after having a mouthful of my delectable fried chicken!  Val seems to be enjoying hers as well.

 In fact, many of the pictures I took at the table, show the guests' enjoyment.  They told me this was the best fried chicken I had made yet!  I serve it to them every year for their birthdays because they like it so much.  It has become an annual event.

 Here are yet more funny fried chicken faces!  I served smashed potatoes with sour cream, butter and green onions, and peas with bacon and shallots as accompaniments.

 This is my husband, Walter enjoying his meal, and Susan taking a pause between bites.  I also made up little gift bags for each of us.  I filled them with luxurious Italian soaps, sugar-free chocolates and jokes that I made up myself.

 Dante made an appearance at the party, too.  He's got his eyes on his Daddy's chicken.  You can see how moist and juicy it is!

Not to worry, though, because I cut up some of mine for him.  Dante's a real chicken connoisseur and he gobbled it up lickety split!

Here Val is smelling her gift soap.  Hers had the fragrance of Oleander, Muscat and Fig (quite unique!).  Seems like Renate was getting a whiff of it, too!

 And here comes Walter with the Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Birthday Cake, complete with three sparklers -- one for each of the sparkling birthday guests.

The cake was Pralines 'n Cream which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.  In the bottom left corner you will see a jar of lemon curd, which was my brother's birthday bag gift (as I didn't think he'd appreciate soap).

And hereunder is just a sampling of the jokes that I had also tucked in each of the gift bags.  There were three for each person.  I tried to PURRsonalize them as best I could.

Q.  Why did Renate throw off the covers when she thought she saw a ghost?

A.  Because she was ‘scared sheetless’!

Q.  Why did Barry have a hard time tracing the Lemon family?
A.  Because they were actually LIMEYS.
(Barry is a genealogist and is currently tracing some relatives of ours with the surname "Lemon" who originally came from England -- ergo they are "Limeys".)

Q.  Onboard ship, where did Val go when she needed to relieve herself?
A.  The ‘poop’ deck!
(Val just returned from her first-ever cruise to the Caribbean.)

And Domino -- always the thoughtful hostess -- returned when it was time for tea.  Isn't she just the sweetest thing ever?

Dante, who was not to be outdone, returned with seconds of the cake and led a round of 'Happy Birthday' in triple time.

After dinner we all hunkered down to watch "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", and it was a movie that all of the guests enjoyed (it's a rare thing to find such a consensus!).

 During the film Dylan deigned to join us and did several drive-bys for pats.  He even made his entrance in a gift bag in honour of the birthday guests.

  Domino did laps, as usual, though she preferred to read a book rather than watch the movie.  She has standards to uphold, after all.

So we hope that everyone at the party enjoyed themselves, especially the birthday folk.  Maybe next year the chicken will be even better (if that's possible)!