Friday, December 19, 2014


Even though Dante and Domino are brofur and sisfur, and each has their own signifiCAT other ...

 ... at Christmas they make the PURRfect Mister and Missus CLAWS!

 Both of them are very patient about posing in their Santa coats.  They are also very comfortable with each other, so don't mind being in such close quarters.

 Dante (aka Santa Claws) takes a look around the neighpurrhood, while Domino (aka Mrs. Claws) has eyes only for the camera.

But then I went one step too far!  With the addition of a hat on Mrs. Claws and a beard on Santa, they were ready to turn their backs on the whole thing.

"We are NOT aMEWSed!!!" they say.

Basically cats don't like hats covering their ears, or false whiskers covering their own.  

 I learned that lesson the hard way.

Well, we don't call them Mr. and Mrs. Claws fur nothin'!

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Dylan just loves the Christmas tree.

Every year after we have put on the lights, he will sit beside it and bask in the glow.

This is from a couple of Christmases ago.  The tree was up and the lights were on, but it was not yet decorated.  Little difference did it make to Dylan who was fascinated by the light display.

This picture was from last year when the tree was fully decorated.  Dylan was once again front and center reflecting on its incandescence.

But just when Dylan thought it couldn't get any better, we put all of the Christmas gifts under the tree.

"Furget da tree, furget da lites", says he.  "Now dis is sumfin I kin REELY get into!"

Dylan has decided that Christmas presents are what it's all about.  They're all wrapped up and mysterious.  You just never know what might be inside.  And once they're open you can play with the wrapping paper, the bows and rustle around in the tissue paper inside the bags.

So from now on he has vowed to come back every year (sporting seasonal attire and wrapped in a bow) as the "Ghost of Christmas Present"!  

When he's around the essence of Christmas is very present indeed.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


This is Domino's latest Christmas frock.  Every year she gets a new one.

This year it's red wool with a plaid skirt trimmed in white fleece, and accented with a black satin bow at the waist.  Of course, her red Santa hat pairs with this PURRfectly.  

She is also wearing a gold Christmas wreath pendant embedded with precious gems and topped off with layers of red bows.

Doesn't Domino just scream "Christmas"?

Saturday, December 13, 2014


The 3-Ds are getting ready for Santa.  They are showing their solidarity with him by wearing Santa-style hats.

Dante's in a gold Santa cap which coordinates well with his Christmas sweater.  "It duz make me a liddle hot, doe", says he.  "My sweatah, dat is."

So madcap that he is (now in red), he goes out to cool off in the snow and runs into a stranger in the neighpurrhood.  He stops to make his acquaintance, but the stranger is strangely silent.

Dylan's looking rather blue in his Santa cap and matching scarf, although his mood is light and merry.
He's an inveterate bird-watcher -- winter, spring, summer and fall -- he watches them all.  He's quite the voyeur, that boy!.

And on Dylan's watch is this little group of birdies, singin' the Christmas blues whilst hanging out their stockings for Santa.

Domino is wearing her red Santa cap which matches her new Christmas frock.  She's all lit up at the thought of Santa filling her stocking.  She just hopes he's got the latest updates to her Christmas list.

"We're reddy fur ya, Santa!", the 3-Ds chime in unison.

Monday, December 8, 2014


The 3-Ds are getting all excited about Christmas, so they wanted to try on their outfits ahead of time.  Of course, since this is only a dress rehearsal, they aren't completely 'decked out' yet.  They just want to make sure things are fitting for the special day.

Dante's wearing his Santa coat, but is looking at me suspiciously.  "Pleeze jus' doan make me ware da hat!!!", begs he.

Not to worry -- ears to ya, buddy!

Dylan doesn't usually deign to wear clothes of any sort, but has consented to a red scarf with green pom pom this year.  "As long as it's loose an' I kin get a riggle on, is fine wif me", he declares.  Knowing him, he'll wriggle right out of it sometime very soon.

Domino is very poised as a ladycat in red.  "I likes ta imPURRsonate Missus Claws", says she.  Is wun of my best gigs all year!"

"Keep an eye owt!  Chrismuss will be heer verreh soon."

Friday, December 5, 2014


Even though it's not officially winter, the weather is cold enough to break out the warmer hats, coats and scarves.

Dante feels cozy in his own ample fur coat with the addition of a faux leopard hat and his Louis Vuitton scarf.  "I likes ta generate my own heat frum within", says Dante.

We believe it, especially when it comes from the first Hot Mancat of the Cat Blogsophere.

He has quite the global PURResence, indeed!

Dylan's coat, too, has grown quite thick and plush, but he still needs that extra added layer of warmth from his brown and tan faux fur hat and brown Louis Vuitton scarf.  He and Dante are quite designer conscious.

"I likes ta PURRmote feline fashun", says he, purring with his motor running.

In fact Dylan considers himself the King of Feline Fashion!

Domino, on the other paw, finds it too chilly without her fashionable pink tweed coat with gray faux fur lining on the hood.  She can just wrap the whole thing around her and not feel a thing.  She's not a wussy pussy, though -- she's just smart!

"Dis way I kin jus' put it on if I feel cold, an' take it off it I'm hot."

 No sweat!", says she.