Monday, September 8, 2014


Today it's Domino's turn to show you her take on things.

Here she is on the front porch overseeing her entire domain.

Although she loves her home, she also loves exploring new territory.

So she dreams about going on trips to different places far away.

"Wif da help of jus' a liddle nip (or a lot in this case) ... 

 ... I kin take mos' any trip!"

You go, girl!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Dylan is a most handsome and expressive pussycat.  His many faces never fail to 'amews'.  And here, framed to purrfection, are just a few of them.

"Doan beleeves a word of it -- cuz I bin framed!" declares Dylan (unaware of the copious compliments he has been paid).

Dylan just wants efurryone to have a clearer picture of who he truly is.
Got it?

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Dylan, Domino and Dante waited until Thursday to hat up because of Domino's birthday celebrations.  Today, they are all in fine form in their finery, as purr usual.

Dylan's in a taupe hat with red stripes and brown band.  He has paired this with a funky deep red bowtie with skulls and crossbones.  Unfortunately, Dylan's run into the mother of all moths who is sending some of her minions his way despite the Danger Warning on his tie.  Looks like Dylan's going to have to break out the mothballs any moment now!

Domino is gorgeous in this gold wide-brimmed woven hat accented with green florals.  Her pearl ivory and green illusion necklace fairly floats about her dainty neck.

It appears that she has attracted a number of dragonflies today, which is quite appropriate actually, given that she considers herself quite the Dragon Ladycat.

"So drag yoor liddle asses on ovah heer!", commands Domino.  "Crunchy snacks is my fafurite!"

Dante, who is wearing a suede dusty-rose fedora trimmed in pale gray and accented with a feather, feels a little more kindly towards his winged friend, the butterfly.  "If dey wuz bees, I'd beefriend dem, but since dey're buttahflies I'm jus' gonna buttah dem up!", says he.

"Go ahead an' has sum -- yoo'll like it, it's creemy!"

It's the flight of every butterfly's fancy.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Our next door neighbour brought over her one-year old son for a little visit the other day.  And Domino, like the good hostess that she is, was right on it!

 "Sniff, sniff ... smells like yoo gotta littah box in yoor pants!"

 "C'mon kid -- shake a leg.  Like dis!"

 "I mus' say, yoor a verreh kwick learnah!"

"Sumfin tells me yoor goin' on a long trip!  Doan worreh, I'll cushion yoor fall."

Nothing bad is ever gonna happen with Domino on the watch!

She didn't just lend her neighpurr a helping paw, she put her whole body into it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Dante and Dylan are in the back yard communing.

 "Hey bro, how's it hangin'?", asks Dante.
"Watch owt -- dere's sumwun behine yoo!", says Dylan in alarm.

 "Oh, it's yoo -- hi, Mama!", says Dante.  Dylan is still too verklempt to greet even me.

Then suddenly, there's a rustling sound on the other side of the yard.  "Mus' be rustlers", concludes Dante.  Dylan silently concurs.

 Dante feels a presence beside him, and when he looks over, it's like Domino appeared out of thin air.  Dylan is just too spooked to say anything.

"Ware in heck did she come frum?" asks Dante while Dylan just stares in amazement.
"I tawt I'd make dis a free-way", says Domino.  
"Well, dat explains it!", remarks Dante who thinks Domino came in on a fast-moving highway when she actually meant she'd join them in a three-way.

  It's seems communing isn't so easy when one of you has a speech impediment!

Monday, September 1, 2014


Today is Domino's birthday.  She likes to keep her age a secret because she's dating a younger mancat, but let me just say that she's a very well-preserved cougar.

Domino is feline just peachy in this multi-tiered peach-toned dress with coordinating pillbox blossomed hat.  The dress was a birthday gift from her Mama (that's me!).  She is also wearing a beautiful silver tuxycat brooch that her boyfriend Milo gave to her.  She thinks it's absolute purrfection!

This shot of the back of the dress (and the back of Domino, too) shows it off in greater detail.  There are peach blossoms at the neck, and the ruffly skirt has three different peach-hued layers.

Domino shows off her very full skirt, here, as well as her new brooch which is front and center.

 Domino thinks that the peachy tones are very romantic -- just like her feelings for Milo.  Here she briefly dons a magnolia headpiece to accent her new outfit.

Domino purrches on the bench in a very ladylike pose.  She wants to give you all a close-up look at her new birthday jewelry, so I have enlarged it for you, here, on the left-hand side.  Isn't it sweet?

As if that wasn't enough, Milo has a peach and white birthday cake waiting for Domino, along with some nip-infused wine.

Milo has dressed up to match Domino's peach-themed birthday, and is whisking her off across the pond to his new home in the Cotswolds in England.

There they will join Milo's brother, Alfie, who is also celebrating his birthday today.  He isn't shy about his age.  Of course at six years old, Alfie's still just a youngster.

And they have also invited just a few of their closest friends to join the party.  Seems like it's going to be a most excellent birthday celebration for one and all!