Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Dylan likes to do the 'rite' thing.  And now that it's Spring, he's within his 'rites' to do it.

 "Spurring is all about sniffin' an' markin'", says Dylan.

 "Furst yoo gets yoor nose up reel close an' inhales deeply."

 "An' den yoo rubs yoor muzzle on it ta obliterate any uddah smells but yoor own."

"It allways makes me blush!" sighs Dylan.

We salute you, Dylan.  You get high marks for asserting your 'rites' in such a pawsitive manner!

Oh dear, looks like we spoke too soon.

It seems that Dylan has really gone to pot!

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Domino went out for her first territorial tour since the snow started to melt.

Here she is, casting a long shadow, on her triumphant return from her more distant territories across the street.

 "It still ain't no walk in da park!" says she.

"I still hasta navigate dese icy bits."

"But dere's no turnin' back now.  Wintah is defunitely a fing of da passed!"

"Even da clock says so."


Sunday, March 15, 2015


The 3-Ds are so happy that sunnier days are here!  This is reflected in their choice of hats and accoutrements.

 Dante has chosen an orange, brown and gray plaid pork-pie hat and has paired it with a gray and apricot-striped bowtie.  He's glad he doesn't need to wear a woolly scarf any more.  His native fur coat doesn't seeming to be thinning quite yet though, so he's anxious to discard some of that, as well.

"Anywun need sum wool?", asks he.

 Dylan's sporting spats (no less) on his toesies and a plum herringbone tweed captain's hat on his head, which he has coordinated with a similarly-toned and striped bowtie.  He also wanted to keep his front paws covered and has selected some leopard-print mittens which are apparently doing the trick.

"I'm jus' plum tired a wintah" declares Dylan.

Domino has opted for some vibrant colour!  She is bored with all the dull winter tones, and has selected a bright turquoise hat with multi-coloured band, and a scarf which picks up the same hues.  For an extra little flair, she has tied a turquoise ribbon around her tail.  Whenever she moves it (her tail, that is), she feels very swish!

"Since I doan has a coat-a-many-colours, I hasta make my own", explains Domino.

So colourful cats unite!  It's time to take a bite out of winter.